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Travel Diary

Travel Diary – Meehan/Perkins Duo

Bridge Records – BRIDGE 9370

Coming on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album, the Duo’s newest release features commissioned works by Paul Lansky and David Lang as well as electro-acoustic works by our good friends Nathan Davis and Tristan Perich. This recording represents the Duo’s on-going efforts to commission and collaborate with an eclectic mix of contemporary composers to create a new and unique body of percussion duo repertoire.

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Travel Diary

Restless, Endless, Tactless – Johanna Beyer and the Birth of American Percussion Music – Meehan/ Perkins Duo and the Baylor Percussion Group

New World Records – 80711

Awarded five out of five stars by BBC Music Magazine, this disc features a collection of largely unknown percussion works from the 1930’s. The recording highlights some of the earliest works written for percussion, including pieces by Henry Cowell, Gerald Strang, Harold Davidson, Ray Green, and Doris Humphrey, as well as the complete percussion output of Johanna Beyer. Fanfare Magazine sums up the experience by stating “This is a must-hear for anyone remotely interested in the development of music in the past century and is strongly recommended.”

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